The Social Construction of News

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  • Social Construction of the news
    • Making a profit
      • Bagdikan
        • Some stories might  oppressed to please advertisers
      • Barnett and Seymour
      • Curran et al
      • Barnett and Gaber 2001
        • Such pressures lead to conformist less informed and less critical of reporting
    • Agenda-Setting
      • Cohen
      • McCombs
        • The images of politicians or perception on on benefit claims
      • Philo
        • GMG
          • 2008 Global banking crisis
            • Attention was focused on solutions from the bankers that caused the issue
    • Gatekeeping
      • The medias power to refuse to cover some issues and let others through
    • Norm-Setting
      • The way the media emphasise and reinforce conformity to social norms
        • And isolate those that don't compline
        • Seen through media representations
    • Moral Panics
      • Cohen (2002)
        • STUDY
          • Mods and Rockers youth subculture
      • Exaggerated threat to society causing a wave of public concern
      • McRobbie and Thornton (1995)
        • Moral Panics are becoming less common
          • Due to citizen journalism
    • News Value
      • Journalists operate with values and assumptions
        • Galtung and Ruge
          • Negative news i rated more highly
          • Unexpectedness
          • Frequency
          • Proximity
            • Britain news more popular in Britain
      • GMG / Neo-Marxists
        • Becker
          • Hierarchy of credibility
            • Greatest importance attached to the views of those in positions in power such as politicians
        • Hall et al
          • Primary Definers
            • Powerful groups of people whose position gives them access to the media more than others and so they can influence
    • Churnalism
      • Davies
        • 80% of stories in The Times is from second-hand materials
      • Journalism that produces articles based on pre-packaged material by sources such as the government, spin docters


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