The Social Approach

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  • The SOCIAL Approach
    • Assumptions:
      • Concerned with the ways our interactions with other people affect the way we think, feel and behave.
      • Concerned with how we make sense of ourselves and how we judge ourselves (self-perception and identity).
      • Concerned with how we relate to others and so includes areas such as conflict, cooperation and relationships.
    • Weaknesses:
      • Ethnocentric bias - research mostly conducted in the West.
      • Reductionist - Focuses on groups and the environment. Ignores genes and cognitions.
    • Strengths:
      • Supports nurture in the nature-nurture debate.
      • Provides explanation for great phenomenon e.g. Nazis and conformity.
    • A2 Studies
      • Farrington, Wikstrom, Waxler-Morrison


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