The social action theory

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  • The social action theory
    • symbolic interactionism
      • George mead
      • focuses on interactions between people and with themselves
      • creates society by interpreting meanings and responding
      • human is a thinking being
      • definition of situation
        • interpreting a symbol and deciding how to behave
      • taking on the role of others
        • imagining ourself in their position and taking on their role
      • meaning and behaviour
        • knowing what they expect from you and what you expect from them
      • symbols
        • objects, language, facial gestures
    • The dramaturgical analogy
      • erving goffman
      • theoretical metaphor for human behaviour, social actors and take on the different roles for different audiences
      • presentation of self
        • how we consciously and unconsciously choose to present our roles and character in social settings
      • impression management
        • how people manage the impression they want to give through objects, symbols, expressions, language
      • front stage, back stage, off stage
      • roles
        • individuals have different roles they perform to different audiences
      • props
        • objects that social actors use for their performance
    • The labelling theory
      • Charles cooley
      • looks at how the self is shaped through interaction, not social structures
      • The looking glass self
        • when a self concept changes as a result of interaction with others and how they see us
        • self fulfilling prophecy- see ourself how they see us
        • from early childhood and its continuous. only stops if all social interactions are ceased
    • evalaution
      • interaction in a vacuum- doesn't consider historical/ social background
      • origins of norms- doesn't explain why people are motivated to act in a certain way
      • fails to explain source of meanings- capitalist
      • ethnocentric


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