The Sign of Four (Symbols)

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  • Sign of the Four (Literary Elements)
    • Major Conflict
      • The murder of Bartholamew Sholto and who commited it
      • The mystery surrounding Mary Morstan's past
    • Climax
      • The boat chase down the Thames
    • Understating
      • Sign of the Four.....
        • Vague, cryptic message underestimates deaths to come
        • The note seems irrelavent to Mary initially
    • Allusions
      • Captain Morstan's death
        • Had been suspected
        • "he might have been alive now" - Thaddeus
    • Imagery
      • Tonga
        • "wooden-legged man, wi' his ugly face and outlandish talk" -Mrs Smith
        • "brown, monkey- faced chap" Mrs Smith
    • Paradox
      • Sherlock a highly intelligent indvidual addicited to drugs
      • Tonga a loyal trustworthy person who is also very sauvage


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