The Short and Long Parliaments

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  • The Short and Long Parliaments
    • The Short Parliament, April-May 1640
      • Charles needed emergency money to fight the Scots
        • Wentworth also returned from Ireland to help
        • He asked for twelve subsidies - about £300,000 in total
      • Parliament didn't want to grant subsidies before their grievances were addressed
        • They wanted to overturn Laud's reforms and abolish ship money and impositions
        • MPs also had little enthusiasm for war, and didn't see the Scots as enemies
      • Parliament did have an advantage, but their slow responses just irritated Charles and he dismissed them after three weeks
    • Events in Scotland
      • The Scots had not disbanded their army, and the Scottish parliament passed reforms to limit the crown there
      • By August 1640, they were again in armed rebellion
        • Strafford lead the English Army (funded by the Irish) but  they were reluctant to fight and the Scots got Newcastle
      • In September, Charles had to call a Council of Peers and they started negotiations with the Scots
    • Calling of the Long Parliament
      • There was a lot of interest in the 1640 elections
      • There was considerable agreement that change was needed
        • The grievances of the past eleven years had surfaced
      • Many of the MPs were the same as in Short Parliament  - unusual as there was usually a high turnover
        • This meant the MPs were experienced and determined
    • Reforms of the Long Parliament
      • Triennial Act - no more than three years between parliaments
      • Parliament couldn't not be dissolved without its own consent
      • Ship money was illegal
      • No one could be forced to take a knighthood
      • Star Chamber, Councils of the North, and the Court of High Commissions were abolished
      • Collection of previous tonnage & poundage and impositions were made legal - permission for future collection had to be renewed every two months


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