The Second Cold War

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  • Why did detente come to an end?
    • USSR activities in Africa
      • soviet expansionism in Angola and Ethiopia
    • Rise of Neo-Conservatives
      • Reagan attacking SALT II
      • soft on communism
    • Developments in Iran
      • Iranian leader (shah) overthrown
      • America lose access to oil
      • seige of US embassy
      • rise of Islamic fundamentalism
    • Domestic problems for Carter
      • oil shortages
      • Iranian embassy humiliation
      • attack by New Right
    • Soviet violations of Helsinki accords
      • soviet jews
      • Andrei Sakhrovv
    • Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
      • response to security risk
      • Brezhnev Doctrine
      • USA response?
        • refusal to ratify SALT II
        • refused to trade grain with USSR
        • boycott of Moscow Olympics
        • increased spending on US arms
        • Carter Doctrine
          • nuclear threat


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