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  • The scientific process
    • science tests theories
      • all scientific work must be peer reviewed before publishing
      • peer review is a process used to ensure the integrity of published scientific work. Before publication work is sent to peers to asses the quality
      • this process helps keep scientists honest, if data doesn't support conclusion it won't pass
      • helps validate conclusions
      • sometimes mistakes are made and bad science is published
    • science is about establishing truths
      • scientific research should be objective-independent of beliefs or opinions
      • methods should be empirical- based on data not only theory. best way to do this is carry out experiment that collects quantitative data and has strictly controlled variables
      • should be replicable and establish a cause and effect
    • science answers real life questions and tests hypotheses
      • the scientific process tests hypothesis and asks questions
      • carry out a test that will support the hypothesis
      • suggest an answer, or part of an answer, by forming a theory
      • 1) ask a question- make an observation and ask why or how
      • make a prediction or hypothesis
    • popper(1969) argued theories should be falsifiable
      • argues theories are abstract so it's impossible to prove them right through empirical research
      • claims a theory isn't scientific if it is falsifiable
        • can be proved wrong


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