The scarcity of natural resources

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  • The scarcity of natural resources
    • Renewable resources
      • Can be used over and over again
        • E.g. wind, solar, water, fertile land producing food, **** seed oil, soft wood and sugar cane
      • When human use these resources it cause no problems, but using these to produce electricity is more expensive
    • Finite (non- renewable) resoucres
      • These disappear once they are used
        • E.g. oil, coal, iron, tin, copper, uranium, natural gas, hard wood
      • As these resources become scarcer the prices go up
        • Oil's use cause problems as it has many uses e.g. petrol, making plastics, road surfaces etc
    • Possible solutions
      • Making electricity: nuclear power, wind power, sea power, solar power
      • Powering cars: water, sugar cane, electric batteries
      • Recycling
      • Chemicals from plants to produce plastic rather than oil
      • Using natural products more e.g. cotton, wool, organic foods, ride bikes instead of cars


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