The Savannah Grassland Biome

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  • Example of a Biome - The Savannah Grassland.
    • Climate - wet and dry seasons.
    • Vegetation - scattered trees & drought resistant bushes.
    • Plants are xerophytes and pyrophytes.
    • Biodiversity of animals and plant makes it  a popular tourist attraction.
    • Savannah Nutrient Cycle
      • store of nutrients in biomass = less than rainforest.
      • Nutrients stored near the surface of soils.
      • Role of fire help maintain the Savannah.
      • termites that gather vegetation -nutrient recyclers.
    • Savannah water cycle
      • experiences drought lasting 4-8 months of the year.
      • Resistance to drought is important to vegetation.
      • Diverting water for tourists is exploiting local water reserves.
    • Savannah Carbon Cycle
      • cover about 20% of earths surface.
      • Bush fires release tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.


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