The Sand Creek Massacre

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  • The Sand Creek Massacre (1864)
    • Causes
      • Fort Laramie Treaty promised Cheyenne and Arapaho large ares of land
        • 1858 gold prospectors began crossing this land
          • Demanded Indians be moved onto reservations
      • 1861 Treaty of Fort Wise
        • Arapaho and Cheyenne chiefs agreed to move onto reservation
          • Many young warriors (Dog Soldiers) refused the treaty
            • remained on old lands leading to many conflicts between them and prospectors
    • 1864
      • Black Kettle (chief), government officials and army commanders tried to reach an agreement
        • Black Kettle set up camp at Sand Creek
          • 29 November Colonel Chivington led an attack on surrendering Indians
            • Massacred over 130
            • Black Kettle escaped and told Dog Soldiers of massacre
              • Attacked white forts and killed white settlers across Colorado
    • 1865
      • New Treaty agreed
        • Cheyenne and Arapaho would move to new reservation
        • Massacre survivors would get compensation
    • 1867
      • Old treaty ignored, new treaty created
        • Moved onto reservation half the size of promised
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