Incarnation: The Sacraments

All these mindmaps are the AQA revision guide condensed further so everything is very condesed and simple 

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  • The Sacraments
    • Baptism
      • When a person becomes a member of the church
      • Water is poured on head = washing away of sin
      • Only happens once
      • Means the person becomes a child of God
    • Confirmation
      • When a person choses the confirm they are a member of the church
      • Forehead anointed with oil
      • only happens once
      • the persons faith is strengthened and deepened
      • the power of the holy spirit is renewed in their life
    • Eucharist
      • when are person receives the consecrated bread and wine (Body and Blood of christ)
      • happens on a regular basis during mass
      • receives the life of christ
      • Helps them to keep growing in Gods love
    • Marriage
      • Man and women give their consent
      • USUALLY only happens once
      • The couple accept that, through their love of each other, the love of God is active in their lives
    • Ordination
      • When a person becomes a priest, bishop or deacon
      • Happens through the laying on of the hands and the anointing on of the chrism = passing on the power of the holy spirit
      • For each position, it can only happen once
      • Committance to God and the Church
      • given certain powers: consecrate at mass, preach ect.
    • Reconciliation
      • when a person confesses their sins to a priest and they are forgiven
      • happens on a regular basis
      • relationship with God restored
    • Sacrament of the Sick
      • When a person who is very ill is anointed with oil = gives strength to the person and forgives sin
      • happen more than once


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