Russia 1855- 1964 Russo Japanese war

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  • The Russo-Japanese war and revolution 1904-05
    • Russia's relationship with Japan before 1904
      • Quarrels over Korea and Manchuria
      • Russia aimed to expand in the Far- East- negotiated a 25 yr lease of strategically placed Port Arthur from the Chinese
      • Increased threat to Japan with the construction of the Chinese Eastern Railway and occupation of Manchuria
      • 1903 agreed to withdraw troops from Manchuria but reneged on the agreement, Feb 1904 Japan retaliated attacking Port Arthur
    • The course of the war
      • Disaster for Russia, defeated at Yalu, Port Arthur surrendered, naval fleet flounced at Tsushima straits
      • Humiliating defeat at the Battle of Mukden
      • Treaty of Portsmouth (Aug 1905), humiliating, forced to withdraw from Manchuria and Port Arthur, and accept Japanese sovereignity over Korea
    • The effects of the Russo- Japanese war
      • Tsar and govt blamed for losing war to inferior country, discontent in Russia mounted.  Plehve, Minister of the Interior assassinated in July 1904
      • Restrictions imposed on Zemstva activity  by A III lifeted by N II but led to  more open criticism of Tsar and demands for reform
      • October 1905- October Manifesto, outlined plan for more representative form of govt, Duma, introduced to appease increasing number of opponents.
      • Duma appeared to be revolutionary at first, a move towards constitutional monarchy, but Fundamental Laws 1906 retained Tsars autocratic control
    • The war and the events of 1905: a revolution?
      • 3rd January- strike at Putilov works
      • 9th January- Bloody Sunday
      • March- defeat of Russian army at Mukden
      • June- All-Russian Union of Peasants established
      • September- Mutinies in the army
      • 8th October- strike by railway workers
      • 13th October- St Petersburg Soviet established
      • 17th October- Nicholas II published October Manifesto


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