The Rule of Major-Generals

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  • The Rule of Major-Generals
    • Role of Major-Generals
      • There were 11 Major-Generals governing areas in England and Wales
      • They used local militias to maintain order
        • These militias were funded by the unpopular Decimation Tax
      • Helped enforced Cromwell's godly reforms by banning anything fun
    • Why some welcomed them
      • Godly Puritans were glad that godly reforms were bring enforced
      • Property owners liked that order was being maintained
      • The banning of entrainments prevented conspirators
    • Why some disliked them
      • imposed on localities by central government
      • seen as killjoys
      • royalists movements was monitored
      • Gentry didn't like them as some came from lower classes
    • Their Impact
      • Variable as some were successful in keeping control while others were not
      • The extreme dislike meant a military dictatorship would never be possible
        • This lead to the Decimation Tax being rejected and the end of their rule


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