The role of the UK Prime Minister

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  • Role of the UK Prime Minister
    • Managing relations with Parliament
      • Makes statements to, and answers questions from the House of Commons
      • Shapes the government's legislative programme
    • Appointing the Government
      • Determines membership of the government - appointing and dismissing ministers
    • Prerogative powers
      • Exercises some prerogative powers; deploying the armed forces and recommending public appointments
    • National Leadership
      • The predominant political figure in the UK
      • Provides national leadership in times of crisis
      • Responsible for national security
        • Communicator in chief of the government
    • Representing the UK in international affairs
      • The international figurehead - representing the UK at high level diplomacy
    • Chairing the Cabinet
      • Chairs meetings of the cabinet, sets agenda and steers decisions
      • Creates committees and holds bilateral meetings with cabinet ministers
    • Managing the executive
      • Responsible for overall organisation of the government and is the head of the civil service
    • Political Leadership
      • Decides political direction taken by the government
      • Determines (or at least shapes) policy on high profile issues


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