The role of the MPs

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  • The Role of the MPs
    • Working in Parliament
      • work includes
        • dealing with constituency correspondence and issues
        • attending debates and voting on new laws
        • raising issues affecting their constituents
        • attending functions both relating to their party politics and their political interests
      • most MPs are also members of select or standing committees with look at issues of government policy or new laws
      • when parliament is in session, MPs spend a lot of their time in the House of Commons
      • The House of Commons is also a forum for national debate -  MPs can bring their issues up there
    • Working in their constituency
      • MPs leave the Houses of Parliament on Thursday and return to their constituencies
      • hold surgeries to meet constituents and discuss their problems
      • there will also be a round of functions to attend: from school to local businesses as well as party-political functions in the constituence
    • MPs can help their constituents in a number of ways
      • constituents can only raise an issue to their MP
      • if personal, the MP can arrange a meeting with a minister and resolve the issue in private
      • if the issue can be made public, the MP may raise it for debate in Parliament
      • MPs can also raise issues by
        • questions
        • adjournment debates
        • backbench debates
        • Private Member's Bill
    • MPs are elected to represent their constituency and all the people who live in it
    • MPs divide their time between working in Parliament, in their constituency and working for their political party
    • Some MPs hold ministerial posts or shadow ministerial posts with specific responsibilities, which take up a lot of time
    • the salaries of MPs now lie in the hands of an independent body, after major controversy.
    • Some MPs also have outside jobs and other interests




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