The Role of the Church in the late 11th Century.

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  • The Role of the Church in the late 11th Century.
    • Spread of Christianity
      • Many countries were converted to Christianity in the 11th century due to its rapid spread.
      • Countries such as Poland reverted back to paganism.
      • Scandinavia became one of the last countries to convert to Christianity.
        • This conversion was gradual due to the German leadership and was finalised in the northern crusades.
      • Many nomadic tribes became allies of the church in the aftermath of the east/west schism in 1054
    • East/West Schism
      • These became western Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox.
      • The great separation divided the church into Latin West and Greek Eastern.
      • The relationship between east and west had long been in tatters by political and ecclesiastical differences. As well as theological differences.
      • The split was also instigated between linguistic differences between the east and west.
      • The official split was in 1054 when the Pope excommunicated Michael Cerularius the Patriarch of Constantinople and his papal legates.
    • Investiture Contest
      • The Investiture Contest was where the pope would challenge European authority.
      • The initial contest was between Pope Gregory and Henry IV.
      • The Investiture contest ended in 1122.
      • There was also a brief and insignificant struggle between Pope Pascal and King Henry I of England between 1103-1107


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