The Role of the Army and Monck

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  • The Role of the Army and Monck
    • Problems in the Army
      • The Army in London attempted to replace the Rump with a "Committee of Safety" that they would control
      • General Monck, who was in charge of the army in Scotland, threatened to intervene in the deadlock in London
      • Lambert prepared to leave London to face Monck - which could cause a Civil War - but the people were fed up and the Rump had to be reinstated
    • How Monck's role developed
      • He had support as he didn't want a military government and was separate from the southern army
      • He presented himself as saving the country from anarachy
      • He had a large force of 10,000 men who were well trained
      • Once he went into England, they seemed like the best chance of a stable government
    • Monck In London
      • He arrived in Feb 1660 and was met by a hostile Rump Parliament. However, he had the popular support and insisted all the excluded members of the Rump be allowed to return
        • This was crucial as the Long Parliament was re-established and they were ready to vote to dissolve itself in March
          • This meant another parliament had to be elected to meet in April, and they would likely contain MPs who favored restoration
      • Monck also encouraged Charles II to move to the Dutch Republic and issue a statement saying he would forgive his enemies and settle for a parliament based system


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