The role of Lucas in Lou's Development

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  • Examinez le role de Lucas dans le developpement de Lou
    • Maturity
      • He's much more accepting of hardship
        • Lou's complex over thinking, constantly searching for reasoning
      • Their solitude due to lack of parental love is shared
      • He is not naive about No
        • First to realise that himself and Lou can't help her
      • However, Lucas realises Lou is running away to but doesn't stop her: he is not a controlling prescence
      • Not naive about No's job, realises the signs
    • Social Confidence
      • Lucas passe de temps avec elle
        • Il l'appelle < >, tandis que les filles l'appelle < < Le cerveau>>
      • Meme s'il est oppose de Lou dans la classe
        • l'air blase
          • Sometimes this frustrates No as she can't have it - Axelles and Leas party, that Lou just can't imagine herself at
      • Il lui donne la confiance, par sourir et avec ses yeux
        • chapitre 1
      • La contradiction entre Lou s'asseoie toute seule a cote de l'arbre au debut.
      • When Lucas moves to sit by her, the other students are more respectful
    • Trusting
      • Allows No to get ready at his before she meets Lou's parents
      • Cares for No a lot as he can see that it matters to Lou
      • Teaches her to relax
      • Gives her a hug when she discovers No has to leave
      • He provides a way for them to be together chapitre 43
    • Conclusion
      • Lucas helps her to become more confident and trusting as he's always there. He is always positive, supporting her when needs be but also exposing her to the idea of being more accepting and protecting her from naivety
      • He cares about her, and is there from start to finish, helping her relax


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