The role of education: Marxism (2)

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  • The role of education: Marxism (2)
    • A social control, encouraging young people to conform and accept their social positions
    • Evaluation
      • Exaggerates the extent to which schools provide a willing and qualifies workforce
      • Assumes young people have no real ability to make choices or control over what happened to them
        • Working-class, very successfuleducation and work
      • Doesn't consider factors like gender and ethnicity affecting educational achievement
      • Functionalists'education is meritocraric'
      • Focuses on negative aspects
    • Not meritocratic
    • Sociologists
      • Bowles + Gintis 'school mirrors the workplace' (the correspondence principle'
    • Hidden curriculum teaches the expectations of society and prepares them
    • Prepares young people for capitalist society
    • Children are socialised into their respective class position


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