the role of education:Functionalism (2)

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  • The role of education: Functionalism (2)
    • Passes on the core values of society sooo that young people know what is expected and how to behave
    • Prepares young people for adulthood and working life
    • Teaches specialist skills for work
    • sociologists
      • Durkheim  'schools are a 'society in miniature' that prepares young people from wider adult society
      • Parsons 'schools act as a bridge between home and wider society
    • evaluation
      • They ignore the inequalities many, groups in society achieve much lower than others
      • They ignore the negative experiences that some pupils have at school (assumes it's beneficial for everyone|)
    • Important agency of socialisation
    • Maintains social stability and social cohesion
    • There is a link between education and other institutions


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