The role of education: Feminism

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  • The role of education: Feminism
    • Although girls are now over performing boys at all levels, they still argue that it reinforces the patriarchal views
      • Leading to girls moving into lower paid jobs when they leave school.
    • Changes
      • Since girls have started to improve in education
        • Feminists  focus more on the subject girls and boys choose in school and the lower paid jobs they get when they leave school
      • Until mid-1990s, boys achieved more in school than girls.
        • Feminists 'girls were overlooked in the education system, with the focus being on boys' achievement
      • Gendered subject choice occurs when girls choose subjects that are considered 'female' subjects and boy choose more 'male' subjects
    • Gendered subject choices
    • Inequalities between boys and girls
    • Plays role in socialisation of girls and boys
    • Evaluation
      • Underestimating the change in girls' positions educationally
      • Focuses on women's positions in society rather than considering the issue of gender more broadly


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