The Role of Cromwell, the Scots, and the Army

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  • The Role of Cromwell, the Scots, and the Army
    • Oliver Cromwell
      • Strongly believed that God was guiding him
      • undoubted military skills and achievements
      • was determined that the war wasn't fought in vain
      • in the early stages, he was not committed to the removal of the king
      • Against the Scots as their system was similar to the bishops
    • The Scots
      • Briefly held the upper-hand as they captured Charles in 1646
      • wanted to use Charles to establish presbytarism in England
        • Charles was trying to use them to achieve his aims with parliament
      • negotiations failed and the Scots surrendered Charles to the army
    • The Army
      • They had the real power:
        • army had won the war so had a right to influence the peace settlemtn
          • parliament tried to disband them with 8 weeks backpay, but the army was united in opposition against their proposals
            • The aim seized Charles in 1647
              • Solemn Engagement: army would not disband unless there was a settlement over pay and Charles
                • Cromwell sided with the army
                  • London mobs strongly supported the army
      • Divisions the Army
        • Officers were typically less radical than the troops
        • Charles believed he could exploit those divisions


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