The role of conscience as a guide for making moral decisons

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  • The role of conscience as guide in making moral decisions
    • God speaks to Christians, some believe he does this through your conscience
      • The teachings of the Bible do not come directly from God. The Bible was translated from Hebrew and Greek and still needs to be interpreted whilst the conscience is God speaking directly
    • The Church says Christians should follow their conscience if it is the voice of God as well as following the teachings of the Church
    • St Paul and St Thomas Aquinas taught that Christians should use their conscience in the final part of making moral decisions.
    • People have been mistaken about what they think the voice of God to be e.g. Jack the Ripper claimed that God told him to kill the Prostitues.
      • If a person can be mistaken about the voice of God then they can be mistaken about the conscience
    • If Christians follow the Bible they are doing what all Christians believe to be the right thing to do
    • If Christians follow the Church they are doing what other Christians believe to be the right thing to do
      • If everyone followed their conscience the it would be chaotic and no one would know what kind of behaviour would be expected from others.
        • Society needs to have an agreement on what is right or wrong for it to function properly.


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