The River Tweed - Water and Carbon Cycle

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  • The River Tweed
    • length - 97 miles
    • Industries
      • fishing - worth £18m to the economy - supports 500 local jobs
      • agriculture
        • 80% of the catchment area is used for farming
        • hill sheep
        • beef farming
      • tourism - walking and cycling trails
      • recreation
    • Water supply
      • series of river works and reservoirs
      • supplies water to the two main water companies
      • supplies water to cities such as Edinburgh
    • Habitat
      • home to various fish and animals such as otters
      • various wetland environments
      • multiple species of birds
    • Flood protection
      • protecting wetlands - act as flood storage
      • planting trees in the uplands - increase inception storage
      • reinstating meanders - to slow flow
      • planned to leave boulders and debris in small streams but clear larger channels to increase channel capacity
    • flows in the border region of Scotland and northern England
      • dynamic system - fast flowing boulder-strewn streams to a meandering channel with a sandy bed.


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