The rising influence of the papacy

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  • The Rising Influence of the Papacy.
    • Henry IV
      • Henry IV was crowned King of the Holy Roman  Empire in 1056, he was six years old at the time.
      • Henry IV spent most of his reign fighting the power hungry nobles that threatened his title.
      • Arguably his most difficult fight during his reign was against the papacy during the Investiture Contest.
    • The Investiture Contest
      • Popes challenged European authority when it came to appointing bishops in churches.
      • The initial contest was between Pope Gregory and Henry IV and ended in 1122 with it being decided that emperors had limited power when appointing bishops.
    • The Divide of Power
      • This lead to the Holy Roman Emperor having to fight to keep authority, as seen in the Reign of young king Henry IV.
      • The Pope believed that he should have ultimate power over both "spiritual" and "earthly" powers
      • There was a divide in power where the Pope had "spiritual" power and the Holy Roman Emperor had "earthly" power.
      • The nobles were becoming more power hungry and pushing to gain more authority.
    • Church Reform Movement
      • Church reformers seized the opportunity presented by a child-king (Henry IV) to take back power of investiture.
      • Controversy developed  over whether or not the nobility had the right to appoint individuals to church positions.
      • The church reform was also know as the Gregorian reform and focused on moral integrity.


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