The Restoration of the Monarchy

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  • The Road to Restoration
    • Committee of Safety ran by army Oct - Dec 1659
      • Monck, Commander in Scotland, negotiated with members of expelled House and org army to march south. Lambert's army try to stop but no match and fail
        • Army Officers bow! Allowed Rump to reassemble, Monck's troops reach London in Feb
    • Role of Monck and the 2nd Recalled Rump Dec 1659 - Feb 1660
      • Committee dissolved, Monck invited to be Commander in Chief and army leaders dismissed
        • BUT Purging the army resulted in corruption and nepotism - many refuse to pay tax
          • Monck forced to police London by Rump. However, Monck outmanoeuvred them by bringing back MPs that had been excluded after P's P.
    • Restored Long Parliament Feb -March 1660
      • Changed political balance, excluded most committed Republicans
        • Monck pressed for P to dissolve itself. Edward Montague, Royalist sympathiser, appointed as Commander of the Fleet
    • Convention Parliament Apr - May 1660
      • Lambert tries to use force against royalists. Defeated at EDGEHILL. Over 60 monarchists took seats in new House after Elections.
        • HoL reconvened and discussions over restoration
      • Declaration of Breda (Clarendon) - skilful act of conciliation - general pardon, religious toleration, accepted right to decide on pay arrears
      • MAY 1660. declared no longer a commonwealth. 29th May Charles makes ceremonial entrance into London.


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