The Restoration of the Church of England

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  • The restoration of the Church of England
    • Clarendon Code 1661-1665
      • The Corporation Act of 1661: restricted non-Anglicans from sitting on borough corporations.
      • The Act of Uniformity of 1662: parish priests should accept the Book of Common Prayer.
        • 1,800 ministers refused to conform and were expelled from the church.
      • The Conventicle Act of 1664: restricted dissenters from meeting in groups outside the church.
      • The Five Mile Act: forbade expelled ministers from going within five miles of their former parishes.
    • Declaration of Indulgence
      • First Declaration of Indulgence 1662
        • Charles attempted to suspend the Act of Uniformity, which would have allowed for both dissenters and catholics to worship with relative freedom.
        • Resisted by a combination of bishops in the House of Lords and by MPs.
      • Second Declaration of Indulgence 1672
        • With Parliament not in session Charles issued another declaration. As long as Parliament was not sitting the declaration remained.
        • Charles was facing major financial problems and had to suspend payments to his creditors in what was known as the Stop of the Exchequer.
        • Charles had to turn to parliament for funds.
    • Test Act 1673
      • Charles needed funds and had to turn to Parliament.
      • MPs insisted on the passing of a test act in place of the Indulgence, which forced holders of public office to deny key catholic doctrines.
      • Every time Charles attempted to introduce toleration this resulted in a harsher test act. the political nation wanted to protect anglican supremacy.
    • The Secret Treaty of Dover, 1670 and 1675
      • Charles had a pro-French foreign policy. Fought the Second Anglo-Dutch War between 1665-1667.
      • Ended in disaster when the Dutch were able to break the chain that blocked the medway river in 1667 and destroyed 13 English ships.
      • Charles signed the Treaty of Dover in 1670 with the French committing England to further war with the Dutch.
      • Public unaware a secret clause that Charles would convert to Catholicism at an appropriate time, in exchange for French subsidies.
      • A second pact with Louis XIV in 1675 gave Charles a larger pension. 1681 £100,000. Enabled Personal Rule until the end of his reign.


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