respiratory system 1

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  • the respiratory system
    • 3 basic processes
      • Breathing- INSPIRATION and EXPIRATION of air between the atmosphere and the lungs
      • external respiration- exchange of gases between the lungs and the blood
      • internal respiration- exchange of gases between the blood and cells
    • two systems supply O2 and eliminate CO2
      • Respiratory- organs that exchange gases between the atmosphere and the blood
        • nose
        • pharynx
        • larynx
        • trachea
        • bronchi
        • lungs
      • cardiovascular-  transports the gases between the lungs and the cells
    • devisions of the respiratory tract
      • respiratory tract- passageways through which air will move
      • upper respiratory tract- all structures superior to the laryx
      • lower respiratory tract- larynx and all structures below
    • the respiratory epithelium
      • Pseudo-stratified ciliated columnar epithelium with lots of goblet cells (secrete mucus)
      • lines the upper respiratory system
      • cilia are present and beat which moves the mucus up and out of the passageways or into the throat where it is swallowed
      • nasal cavity- capillaries under epithelium warm air as it enters and mucus moistens incoming air


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