The Religious Settlement

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  • The Religious Settlement
    • Elizabeth's religious settlement
      • religious settlement (separate)
      • create approval for both Protestant and Catholics through sacrament etc.
      • many accepted but some opposed it
      • Royal Injunctions (clergy have to)
        • teach the royal supremacy
        • report those refusing to attend church
        • keep the Bible in English
        • have government licence to preach
        • wear vestment
    • Church of England: its role in society
      • role
        • preach government's message (clergy had to have licence)
        • enforce Elizabeth's religious settlement
        • Legitimatise Elizabeth's rule
        • Provide guidance for communities
      • Clergy
        • Town
          • dealt with issues such as poverty & disease
        • Village
          • conduct church services
          • offer spiritual & practical advice & guidance
          • funded by taxes & tithes
    • Religious division in England in 1558
      • religious taught and guided people's moral on life
      • divisions
        • reformation divided christian church
        • North was catholic
        • some Protestants became Puritans
        • number of protestants increased
      • Catholics, Protestants and Puritans had different beliefs, practices & support systems


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