The Relative Pronouns Que and Qui

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  • The Relative Pronoun Que and Qui
    • Relative pronouns introduce relative clauses
      • Relative clauses are subordinate clauses that elaborate upon an antecedent
    • Use que when the relative pronoun is the direct object ("whom" in English)
      • "C'est l'homme que je connais." - He's the man whom I know
    • Use qui when the relative pronoun is the subject ("who" in English)
      • "La fille qui lit un menu." - The girl who reads a menu
    • Try rephrasing the sentence without the pronoun if you're having trouble figuring out which one to use
      • "La fille qui lit un menu." - "La fille lit un menu
      • "C'est l'homme que je connais." - "Je connais l'homme.


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