The Reformation

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  • The Reformation
    • R. Catholic Church
      • Church provided all social services. 'Caretakers' of people's souls
      • Since 4th C was the dominant Christianity
        • Owned 1/3 of land across Europe. Pope ruled over Kings.
        • Most powerful economic / political force on the contient
    • Martin Luther
      • !517 - "95 Theses" publication
        • Hopes of purifying the church of sin
          • Diet of Worms Roman Empire .   1521 - excommunicated
          • Translated the Bible into local language. Printing press
            • German pesents revolting in 1524
            • Stating Kings and princes were in place by God. Freedom was a concept.
              • Lutheranism was state religion in Germany, Scandinavia at the end.
    • Calvinism
      • 1541 was invited to settle in Geneva
        • Spread to Scotland, France, Transylvania
          • Became a religious and economic force for next 400 years
          • England
            • Pope Clement VII refused to divorce Henry VIII
            • !534 Henry declared he would be head of English Church
              • Turning more political than religious
              • Incentive was the wealth and authoity that would come with Pope break
    • Reformation's Legacy
      • Counter Reformation was a result.
      • N. Europe religious and political freedoms brought war
      • 30 Years War cost Germany 40 percent pop
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