The Reflex Pronoun "Se"

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  • The Reflex Pronoun "Se"
    • "Se" is used with all third-person subjects regardless of gender or number
      • "Il s'aime." - He loves himself.
      • "Il s'appelle comment ?" - What's his name? (Lit, "He calls himself what?"
    • "Se" is used to indicate that a verb acts upon the subject
      • The subject and the direct object are the same
    • When "se" refers to a plural subject, it can also be reciprocal (e.g. "each other").
      • "Ils s'aiment." - They love each other.
      • "Les filles se parlent." - The girls speak to each other.
    • Certain pronouns can be added to the end of the sentence to differentiate between reflexive and reciprocal uses
      • "Ils s'aiment eux-mêmes." - They love themselves
      • "Elles s'aiment elles-mêmes." - They love themselves
      • "Ils s'aiment l'un l'autre" - They love one another
      • "Elles s'aiment les unes les autres." - They love one another.


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