The Red Guards

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  • The Red Guards
    • Vivid Verbs
      • “My eyes straying toward the stamp album.”
        • element of guiltiness
      • “She cut Dad off with a shouted order and shoved him aside.”
        • Ferocity
    • Significant Objects
      • “And the stamp album was gone forever.”
        • Controlled by government
      • “The wing of the butterfly had been completely knocked off the body.”
        • Lost hope in Government and regaining their freedom
    • Spies
      • “The Neighborhood Dictatorship Group had declared this to be searched and some incompletely burned pictures found.”
        • Search up the neighborhood & people in the neighborhood would assist the Red Guards by telling the truth
      • “All the neighbors were saying that a knife had been found in the communal garbage bin.”
        • Suspicious of their own surroundings, keeping an eye on every neighbor
      • “This time no one wanted to play.”
        • Because of the spies, nobody dared to enjoy and do what they like, their rights to play was gone
    • Riddled with fear
      • “That night I dreamed the house was on fire...”
        • They were petrified for what is going to happen and lived in shadows of fear
      • “All day we were terrified.”
        • Paralyzed with fear; fearing that the Red Guards will barge in anytime
      • “A picture like that was four olds.”
        • Have sentimental value, the Red Guards forbidden them, need to hide them by burning these pictures


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