Making Sense of God - Table of Contents

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  • The Reason for God
    • Part 1: Why Does Anyone Need Religion
      • Ch. 1: Isn't Religion Going Away?
      • Ch. 2: Isn't Religion Based on Faith & Secularism on Evidence?
    • Part 2: Religion Is More Than You Think It Is
      • Ch. 3: A Meaning Suffering Can't Take From You
      • Ch. 4: A Satisfaction That Is Not Based On Circumstances
      • Ch. 5: Why Can't I Be Free to Live As I See Fit, As Long As I Don't Harm Anyone?
      • Ch. 6: The Problem of the Self
      • Ch. 7: An Identity That Doesn't Crush You or Exclude Others
      • Ch. 8: A Hope That Can Face Anything
      • Ch. 9: The Problem of Morals
      • Ch. 10: A Justice That Does Not Create Oppressors
    • Part 3: Christianity Makes Sense
      • Ch. 11: Is It Reasonable to Believe in God?
      • Ch. 12: Is it Reasonable to Believe in Christianity?
      • Ch. 13: Only in God


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