The Provisional Government vs The Petrograd Soviets

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  • The Provisional Government vs The Petrograd Soviets
    • The Provisional Government
      • Key People
        • Prince Lvov (wealthy aristocrat)
        • Milyuvcov (became foreign minister)
        • Kerensky (member of both government and soviets)
      • represented a cross-section of the influential elites and comprised of those who had favoured constitutional monarchy (Kadets)
      • Meant to be temporary, but was eventually accepted as ligitimate
      • was accepted, although unelected
      • couldn't do anything without Soviets knowing
      • gave freedom of religion and the press
      • they were chosen from the DUMA
      • Role: to run the country until Constituent Assembly had been elected
      • The Kadets were dominant liberal force
      • Policy
        • wanted to continue war
        • Didn't want old empire broken up
        • Wanted to delay elections
      • Weren't united with each other
      • Wanted land to be sorted out by elected constituent assembly
    • The Petrograd Soviets
      • Composed of...
        • Radical Socialist intellectuals
        • Mensheviks
        • Social Revolutionaries
        • Small amount of Bolshevisk
        • Elected members from workers e.g. factories and military
      • Key People..
        • Kerensky
        • Chkheidze - 1st chairman. leading Menshevik
      • Formed Monday 27th February 1917
      • focused on workers and soldiers and protecting them
      • Role: to protect the interests of the working class and soldiers
      • Policy
        • prepared to co-operate with provisional government
        • wanted to accede to the national aspirations of the non-Russian people
      • Working together
      • Talks Bolsheviks and Mensheviks would reunite.
      • Wanted to fight defensive war only to prevent defeat by Germans
      • Wanted to leave land to the Constituent assemblt
        • Wanted to redistibute land, but were prepared to wait until assembly met.


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