Romeo & Juliet: The Prologue

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  • The Prologue
    • "Two households"
      • The Capulets and Montagues
    • "Both alike in dignity"
      • Both of the same wealth and social status
    • "In fair Verona"
      • Verona is getting ruined because of their wars and fights
    • "From ancient grudge"
      • A grudge held against each other from a long time ago
    • "A pair of star cross'd lovers"
      • It has already been predicted that they will fall in love
    • "Doth with their death bury their parents' strife"
      • When Romeo & Juliet died their parents put aside their grudge
    • "Now the two hours' traffic of our stage"
      • Shows that the play lasts two hours
    • "The which if you with patient ears attend"
      • The audience are asked to listen




theres a random untitled bubble i cant read it

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