The Progress of War- France 1793

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  • The Progress of War (11)
    • Issues in 1793:
      • Federalist revolts from early June 1793
      • Revolt of the Vendee from March- Dec 1793
      • France's military situation began to deteriorate
    • reaction of the 'san-culottes'
      • demanded that 'people' be given the opportunity to 'rise up' against their enemies
      • demanded retribution on the military generals who had betrayed the people's trust.
      • These pressures led to the decree for a levee en masse.
        • Proposed by Bertrand Barere, in name of CPS, on 23 August 1793
    • The Levee en masse
      • All men without dependants were to five immediate military service (18-25)
      • Married men to 'forge weapons and transport supplies'
      • Women to 'make tents and serve in hospitals'
      • Children to 'shred old linen for lint'
      • The old were to be 'brought to public squares to excite courage of warriors, preach hatred of Kings and unity of the Republic
    • France needed weapons and supplies more than fighters
      • Lazare Carnot, Sait-Just, Prieur were responsible for this legislation
      • created a commission of technicians and scientist
      • supported development of the telegraph (Claude Chappe in 1792) to carry dispatches
      • established a company of balloonists to observe enemy from the air


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