Problem of evil

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  • The Problem of Evil! (Augustine)
    • Key words!
      • Natural Suffering e.g earthquakes, tsunamis
      • Moral evil - Manmade suffering e.g Poverty, War
      • Theodicy~A justification of the righteousness of God, given the existence of evil
      • Epistemic Distance~God is hidden and so this allows human beings to choose freely
      • Privation~To lack or not consist of something
      • Atonement
      • Soul Making~ the suffering in the world that helps us to grow
      • inconsistent
    • Where did evil come from?
      • Evil came from the fall
      • original sin from Adam and Eve is passed onto us
      • Because of Adam and Eve we are all punished
      • Evil is our fault
      • Sin enters the world
    • Problems
      • Only a good theory if you believe in God- not universal
      • Can you blame all on the actions of two?
      • how could evil come to be if God had not created it.
      • He did create evil? if he did can Adam and Eve be blamed?
      • Or he created an imperfect world~ can't be all powerful? Inconsistent triad
      • Fallen Angels~ if Lucifer is the snake and he disobeyed God first, then evil must have already existed!
      • Science~ Evolution, Genesis may not be real?
    • Stregnths
      • you can see the good in the world
      • Natural good that must have been created by God


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