the prelude by william wordsworth

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  • the prelude
    • context
      • from an autobiographical poem published posthumously by Wordsworths wife
      • romantic-arguably founded the genre through his publishing of lyrical ballads
      • wrote his poems whilst walking in the lake district where he lived for most of his life
    • form and structure
      • is an epic- which is typically about a hero in this case nature is the hero-opening young wordsworths eyes
      • repitions of the word huge highlights his awe at nature
        • a huge peak,black and huge
          • the grim shape
    • quotations
      • led by her
        • her is nature spirit
      • act of stealth and troubled pleasure
        • secrecy-hiding from social restraints, oxymoron = sublime
      • a huge peak,black and huge
        • the grim shape
      • with a dim and undetermined sense of unknown modes of being;o'er my thoughts hung a darkness
        • corruption
      • no pleasant images of trees,of sea or sky, no colours of green fields
        • nature is no longer comforting to him
      • but huge and mighty forms, that do not live Like living men,moved slowly through the mind By day,and were to trouble my dreams
        • this experience had a lasting effect on him


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