The post-modernist view on the media 

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  • The post-modernist view on the media
    • Post-modernist approach
      • Role of the owners
        • Trawler
          • They can't influence the audience as they are saturated by the media
          • 'It is the defining aspect of a post-modern society
        • control of the media is no longer in the hands of the few
      • Media Content (messages)
        • There is so much content
          • People can now create media through blogging, uploading network sites etc
          • It means that it is now diverse with different ideologies and ways of thinking
      • Role of managers/ journalst
        • They can't influence or create media that is dominant
          • Because the media are saturated and can create their own type of media
      • View on audience
        • Levene
          • The audience now have greater choice in their access to a greater diversity of media
          • This makes it easier for them to have their own interpretations and challenge what is communicated
        • They have more choice to follow what they want to hear and know
      • Criticism
        • It is offend vague and based on stories rather than researched evidence
        • They fail to acknowlegdethe inequalities in wealth and power making it difficult for powerless groups
          • As they can't bring any meaningful change to their everyday lives as they have little access to the media
    • Intro
      • post- modernity which refers to the  developments that have identified the transition from modern to a post-modern way of life.


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