The Police State and Terror - Germany

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  • The Police State and Terror
    • The Courts
      • Judges to administer harsher sentences and new laws for political crimes
      • People's courts to try enemies of the state
      • From 1939, judges had to study Nazi beliefs
      • Nazis replaced senior officials and the ** group leader was appointed minister of justice
    • The **
      • Originally Hitler's bodyguard force, established in 1925. It eventually dominated the police state
      • 1929 - Himmler became its head. He created the SD in 1931  (they acted at Hitler's secret intelligence)
      • Himmler took control of the police in 1934 and in 1935 only Aryans could join
      • In 1936 the police and Gestapo were answerable to Himmler
      • The ** preserved the Nazi regime. It was made up of the SD, the Gestapo, the Kripo and the Waffen ** - it was responsible for policing and military functions
      • The ** were responsible for the New Order and Himmler was responsible for consolidating German nationhood
      • Himmler was responsible for the resettling of ethnic Germans and eliminating groups such as the Jews and gypsies
    • The Gestapo
      • The secret police - found Nazi opponents and arrested them
      • Around 20,000-40,000 members
      • Relied on information from wardens, which meant they were not always greatly effective
    • The impact of war
      • Policing expanded
      • Military divisions increased from 3 to 35
      • The New Order was created in occupied lands
      • Extermination and resettling based on race and ideology developed
    • Concentration camps
      • 1933
        • 3000 members. They were originally places for re-education, torture and an end to communism
      • 1936
        • Camps focused on asocials, criminals and homosexuals
      • 1937
        • Individuals not fitting into the volksgemeinschaft were imprisoned
      • 1942
        • The camps became camps for the extermination of Jews: in September 1939 there was 25,000 prisoners; in Jan 1945 there was 715,000


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