The Picture of Dorian Gray: Quick Context

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  • The Picture of Dorian Gray: Quick Context
    • Biographical
      • Spokes-person for Aesthetic Movement
        • "Art for art's sake"
      • Height of fame = celebrity within London soc. known for flamboyance and wit
        • LORD HENRY: external / performative aspect of Wilde's psyche
      • Convicted and later imprisoned for 'gross indecency with men' 1895-97
        • Left him bankrupt + notorious rep.
        • Upon release, spent last of life in Paris living in obscurity
        • Extracts from TPODG used in his trial as evidence of indecency
    • Publication / Reception / Inspiration
      • Published 1890, revised 1891
        • 1890 ver. offended moral sensibilities of British reviewers; "immoral and scandalous"
        • Revised ver. added Wilde's aphoristic preface and 6 additional chapters
      • Preface anticipates some of the criticism and answers critics who charge TPODG with being an immoral tale
    • Key Terms
      • Fin de Siècle
      • Degeneration
      • Decadence
      • Aestheticism
      • Duality
      • Freudian reading
      • Id, Ego, Superego
      • Immorality
      • Morality
      • The Yellow Book (Á Rebours)


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