The People's War III (Other thoughts)

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  • The People's War III (Other thoughts)
    • How joining the armed forces would unite/divide the British people?
      • Unite people in that everyone was in it together and stood pretty much equal chance of being recruited
      • Divided people in that they were forced against their will to fight
      • Divided people in sense that some were ineligible
        • Women
        • Excluded men outside 18-40
      • Ineligible men still expressed their enthusiasm by joining the Home Guard, or ARP
      • People in upper-classes would receive better ranks
    • The Blitz
      • United people due to tangible effects of war
      • Divisive issues regarding response
        • Bombing the enemy
        • Evacuation
    • Work on Home Front
      • War united women and gave them opportunities
    • Rationing
      • Everyone had to abide by rationing
        • united
        • Nation became healthier
      • Black Market
        • Divisive
        • Some people could afford better than others
    • Comments on diary entries of WW2 soldiers and other people involved in war effort
      • Diary entries seem to be all written by single people
        • Certain time of life - certain views
      • One male soldier comments that he likes the sounds of the post-war education proposals
      • One male remarks when he met other soldiers they had no political allegiance
        • Soldiers note good points of each party
        • Soldiers like idea of coalition leading country
      • One woman remarks about how she would like to do something to help the war effort that involves 'using [her] brain'
        • After being told she isn't qualified to drive during blackouts with her friend so must be a bike messenger
        • She handed in notice to join W.R.N.S.
          • sense of both genders being in it together
      • Diary entries commissioned and compiled by government
        • Likely they would select people to submit entries with positive and non-radical views


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