The People's War I

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  • The People's War I
    • Winston Churchill in 'Their Finest Hour'
      • 'This was a time [1940] when all [of] Britain worked and strove to the utmost limit and was united as never before'
      • 'Men and women toiled at lathes and machines in the factories till they fell exhausted on the floor and had dragged to be dragged away and ordered home, while their places were occupied by newcomers ahead of time.'
      • 'The one desire of all the males and many women was to have a weapon.'
    • Angus Calder
      • Calder argued that the war disrupted traditional forms of social hierarchy
        • 'the people surged forward to fight their own war, forcing their masts into retreat'
      • Drew attention to rise of socialist ideas and the temporary eclipse of conservatism
      • Concluded that forces of participatory democracy were betrayed by political elites
    • Churchill and The People's War
      • Advanced by Churchill in 1939-40
        • British people should come together against a common enemy
      • Be united by a common cause
      • Self-sacrifice was a virtue
      • Churchillian version is very patriotic
      • During this time:
        • Egalitarian ideas took root
        • Socialist ideas took root
    • War and Social change
      • Colin Hay, 1996
        • 'War poses in some sense the ultimate question of the state: can it preserve its very continuity in the face of an external challenge to its sovereign authority...?'
        • 'The successful prosecution of [a] war effort requires a considerable degree of altruism and self-sacrifice on the part of the direct participants'
      • Time horizons
        • A war effort requires  mobilisation of a collective perception of a future worth fighting for
      • Elaine Scarry
        • National communal identification in a wartime is enhanced by the fact that war is a contest involving two and only two contestants whose outcome will result in one contestant remaining
    • Evaluating the 'People's War' Thesis
      • Some methodological considerations
        • Absolute or relative solidarity?
        • Which 'People's War'? (Rose)
        • Are myth's 'real'?


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