Parliament and MPs

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  • The Parliament
    • Not allowed to discuss Elizabeth's private "matters of state", such as personal affairs, religion or foreign policies.
    • Only met 13 times during her 45 year reign.
      • Help pass Acts of Parliament
      • Approve taxes (can only be collected if Parliament agreed).
      • Provide her with support and advice
    • If there were difficulties, E could use her royal veto or close parliament.
    • Was E successful when dealing with Parliament?
      • Yes
        • could use her royal veto or close Parliament. Eg:  e refused demand of Mary's execution in 1572 and closed closed Parliament. Shows her control over parliament.
        • Able to deter MPs by imprisoning others. Eg: (1586-87) Anthony Cope tried to abolish bishops and replace prayer book and was imprisoned for interfering with her private matters. Meant Mp's didn't disobey her.
      • No
        • Sometimes forced into making decisions. Eg: (1586-87) she agreed to Mary's execution. Shows she's often pressurised and couldn't always control them.
        • Gave vague responses to enquiries and demands. Not a good method as it led to frustration and some MPs disobeying her. Eg: (1566) Some MPs threatened to refuse approving taxes until she made plans to marry. Unsuccessful as many came against her due her responses.


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