Eschatology: The parable of the rich man and lazarus

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  • The Parable of the Rich Man + Lazarus - teachings
    • What does it teach?
      • rich man had everything in life except he never helped the poor
      • Lazarus = poor + lay at the gates of his house
      • when they both died rich man = hell Lazarus = heaven
    • showing love + kindness to others will lead to heaven = by not showing love to Lazarus rich man went to hell
    • Wealth can make it easier to forget the needs others = rich man "feasted sumptuously everyday" but didn't share any with Lazarus
    • hell is a place of torment where ppl are cut off from any relationship with God = "he is in agony in the flames"
    • people are  conscious + aware of those in heaven = in hell, the rich man is aware that Lazarus is in heaven showing that the ppl in hell are aware of the happiness in heaven which increases their suffering
    • it  is NOT possible to move between heaven + hell
      • Abraham tells the rich man that there is a "great chasm" between heaven + hell = cant escape hell by apologising for things they did wrong
      • A person's actions + choices during their lifetime determine the state in which they will spend the afterlife
    • Having faith in God + following Jesus' teachings will lead people to heaven
      • the rich man asks Abraham to warn his brothers to tell them that heaven + hell are real + need to change their ways to enter heaven = everything people need to know about heaven is in the scriptures.If ppl do not believe in the scriptures, then nothing will change their mind


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