the Origins of Psychology

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      • derives from latin meaning 'study of the soul'
      • the science of behaviour and mental processes
      • scientific study of behaviour and mental processes and how these are affected by internal and external factors
    • WUNDT
      • First person to call himself a psychologist
        • Opened the first psychology lab in Germany
          • where he studied aspects of behaviour that could be controlled under experimental conditions
            • reaction times and sensations
          • Published book 'Principles of Physiological Psychology' which is considered as the first true psychology textbook
          • His aim was to study the structure of the mind
            • do so by breaking down behaviours such as sensation + perception into basic elements
              • Isolating the structure of consciousness in this way is called structuralism
                • STRUCTURALISM
        • process where one gains knowledge about their own mental + emotional state by observing their conscious thoughts and feelings
          • cause by an external stimulus
        • latin meaning 'looking into'
        • insight into nature of mental processes
      • he separated psychology from philosophy
      • Cartesian Dualism
        • mind and body are independent of each other
        • suggested the mind could be an object of study in its own right
      • the use of investigative methods that are objective, systematic and replicable. Testing and modification of hypotheses based on these methods
      • no preconceived ideas or bias influences
      • observations are orderly
      • validity = whether an observed effect is a genuine one
        • reliability = consistency


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