The Oregon Trail and Causes of Westward Migration

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  • The Oregon Trail and Causes of Westward Migration.
    • The Oregon Trail.
      • In 1824, Jed Smith found a path through the the West. This was the Oregon Trail.
      • In 1841, the first wagon traveled the 3,200km trail.
      • The trail led through Missouri, through the Plains, Rockies to Oregon.
      • It was a dangerous journey.
      • In 1843, 900 pioneers made the journey, which they called 'The Great Emigration.'
      • Between 1841-69, this was the main route to the West. Ovver 400,000 people crossed it.
    • Why did people migrate West?
      • The Gold Rush: Gold was found in Sierra Nevada, California in 1848. This led to 200,000 emigrating in hopes to find gold.
      • Government Encouragement: In 1842, the government passed the Pre-Emption Act, which allowed settlers access to free land.
      • New territory: The British gave America the territory of Oregon. California became part of America after the defeat of Mexico
      • Religion: Groups such as the Mormons escaped to avoid religious persecution. Others were missionaries who wanted to convert the Plains Indians.
      • Economic Depression: In 1837, America was hit with depression. Many people went to the West for a new start


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