The Nurse

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  • The Nurse
    • Personality
      • The Nurse is Juliet's Nanny
        • The Nurse and Juliet have  a close relationship
          • By the end of the play they are driven apart
        • She helps Romeo and Juliet by delivering messages between the two
        • She knows Juliet better than Lady Capulet
      • She talks too much but really loves Juliet
        • It's hard to stop her when she starts - She's a comedic character
        • She seems more genuinely upset when Juliet fakes her death than any of the other characters
        • She knows Juliet's secrets
        • She has pet names for Juliet
      • She seems to be an irresponsible role model
        • She focuses on Juliet's sexual happiness
        • She helps Juliet get married behind Capulet's back, not thinking of the consequences
        • She changes her mind towards the end and tells Juliet she would be better to forget about Romeo and marry Paris instead
    • Quotes
      • "Go, girl, seek happy nights to happy days" Act 1 Scene 3
        • This shows the Nurse to be more concerned with Juliet's sexual happiness
      • "Thou wast the prettiest babe that e'er I nursed" Act 1 Scene 3
        • The Nurse has been looking after Juliet for a long time
        • The loving noun "babe" suggests that the Nurse has cared for her since she was born
    • Themes
      • Love - The Nurse makes a lot of sexual jokes which add humour to the play and her physical attitude to love contrasts with Juliet's innocent romance


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