norman conquest, claims to the crown

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  • The Norman Conquest, succession crisis.
    • King Edward
      • In Anglo Saxon England bearing children was very important in order to continue the monarchy and stop foreign claims for the crown.
        • King Edward however neglected this duty and died without any direct bloodline. being king also required the permission of the witan and  being chosen by the previous king.
    • Harald Hardrada
      • King Of Norway, powerful viking warrior with a formidable reputation.
      • his father had been promised the English Crown , but due to no direct bloodline the witan refused.
      • had bloodline that went very very far back.
    • Edgar Atheling
      • Edgar was weak and just 12 years old.
      • had a direct claim to the throne.
    • Harold Godwinson
      • harold Godwinson was the Witan's choice.
      • Edward chose this in 1066, but he had no direct bloodline.
      • Godwinson was strong, experienced and English
    • William the Conquerer
      • had direct bloodline
      • he was ignored by Witan
      • Edward had chosen him in 1051, promising the throne to him on religious relics.


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